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Like many of you I wish there were more gay solos available for free download on Don't get me wrong! I love gay duos!! I love gay threesomes even more!!! Hot hard hitting gay group porn scenes just send me over the edge but once in a blue moon I do enjoy just watching a hot guy with nothing but his stiff competition and imagination (well okay a toy can definitely spice things up!)!!!! Well gents Deter gives us 3 gay jerk offs and they're in the very first row no less!!!!!! Nylon Strokes is a very brief masturbation solo that takes place outside. This smart hunk cleverly uses his nylon shorts (and may I say they are quite thin!!) as an accessory to help him climax in no time!!!!!!! Hot Hunk On Gay Cam definitely wins the hot X factor award but unfortunately has no sound. Don't let that discourage you though as this hunk is a collector's item when it comes to sheer perfection. To make things better, he knows how to handle his tool with master craftsmanship!!!!!!! Impatiently Horny Patient is a gay hospital scene where this patient impatiently waits for the doc (maybe he's there for a prostate massage?!?) but fortunately for us boredom gets the best of him and so he decides to play with himself. Not only does he play with himself like a pro but he utilizes rather interesting devices!!!!!!!!

In the second row of this free gay porn buffet we have 3 hot hard pounding gay threesomes plus more! Back Shed Threesome doesn't start there but with these sporty boys riding on all terrain vehicles. Of course they have to stop riding these vehicles eventually and decide to ride on each other instead!! That's when the gay action moves to the shed and things take off from there!!! If you couldn't get enough of 15 VS 1 (I myself find myself quite envious of all those lucky fellas!) then get ready for the sequel in 15 Holes For 1 Pole!!! I think it's safe to say that the title says it all!!!! Stir Fry Fucking is the last gay 3some (is it me or are there more and more gay 3somes on!) in this row. I have an inkling of why it's called that but I'll let you all decide for yourselves (fans of gay asian porn will most definitely be pleased with this gay trio!!!)!!!!! Right below 15 Holes For 1 Pole is a gay hazing frat initiation video called Fuck Or Be Fucked! (no for those wondering this is in not a sequel to Fuck Or Suck [which by the way has gone onto being one of the top ten free gay porn downloads of all time on!] but is just as hot if not hotter!!!!) where these unwitting pledges (who all swear to be as straight as Robin Hood's arrows) are taken into a pitch black room and promised the hottest sluts on campus. Unbeknownst to them these hot sluts are gay geeks who go to town on these straight hard frats!!!!!! When the lights are turned on and they realize they've been played for fools they are each given an ultimatum---Fuck Or Be Fucked!!!!!!!

Joining Fuck Or Be Fucked! in that same row are two black gay porn videos. Mark Your Ass Up! is a 2 on 1 black on white fucking where this white virgin boy is a black cock virgin no more!! He definitely gets his ass marked up good for sure!!! Let Me Hit That! is a 1 on 1 black on white (although I'm not sure how white he really is) gay romp where this rather older looking black gentleman soothes this frantic boy's frenzied ass!!!! Right below Fuck Or Be Fucked! is a super charged gay buffet of sorts all in one video Lots Of Gay Raw Action and let me tell you, there is plenty going on!!!!! You've got guys blowing each other, fucking each other bareback with no condoms, seeding each other like cum hungry dump pig sluts, and doing everything else in between!!!!!!

On a technical note (it could be my computer but I doubt that) Shy & Confused is out of sync with its audio. If you watch it straight through without fast forwarding or skipping to different time sections, the out of sync is slightly noticeable. If on the other hand you don't watch it straight through the audio is about 5-10 seconds ahead of the video. While I find that a tad bit distracting, I actually find this video in the series to be one of the better ones right up there with Childhood Friends Fucking. The other ones I just don't care for either because of the quality (you can definitely tell these were made before the advent of high definition) or the repetitive nature of these videos (I also don't particularly care to see nude girls which these videos have plenty of).

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There are a lot of hot young hung boys here and a lot of hardcore fucking to boot! They are fucking everywhere!! From the great outdoors to the cozy indoors!!! The two gay outdoor fuck videos are Boys Fuck In The Woods and Boys Fuck On The Beach. Boys Fuck In The Woods is amateur gay porn at its best but outside in the middle of some breezy forest where these two set the camera and forget about it as they blow each before moving onto the fucking!!!! Boys Fuck On The Beach doesn't quite start right there. They start in the middle of some God forsaken desert and without too much hassle move to the exotic beach!!!!! I tell what's hotter than two horny studs with their man truck marooned on a beautiful piece of real estate like a beach?!?!?! Of course there's plenty of fucking inside as well!!!!!!! Boys Fuck On The Bed has a stunning gay threesome pleasuring each other and leaving not a single orifice to neglect!!!!!!!! If you're looking for something a bit more animalistic then check out these Boys Fuck On The Couch!!!!!!!!! Fucking rough doggy style is one way to break in that hole!!!!!!!!!!

There's also 2 black gay porn videos complimenting this fuckalicious gay buffet of free gay porn! Black Thug Boynapping has two crazy black guys kidnap this little rich stuck up white punk ass bitch and educating him about us the 99% with a good old two on one fucking!! Love That Chocolate is the opposite of Black Thug Boynapping. Here this slightly chubby but still good looking white boy hires himself a gay black escort and instructs the agency to send him the best!!! Well they deliver on the goods with this black beauty who shows him a good old time!!!!

Did I have a favorite gay porn video out of these 13? You betchya!! Hot Reading Material came in a close second (two hot college hunks fucking in an open convertible . . . what's there not to like about that?) to From The Ass To The Glass!!! From The Ass To The Glass has it all---3 horny guys, 1 super horny bottom with a scratchy itch, 2 hard as wood cocks eager to please, lots of raw bareback fucking, and of course more cum than you can imagine!!!! These thirsty cum pigs don't waste a drop of it as it literally is fucked out of his wet sloppy hole into a martini glass to be served to him fresh and piping hot!!!!! I don't think I've ever seen a video quite like From The Ass To The Glass!!!!!!

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As you can tell, Deter and I went on strike in solidarity with countless other websites and Internet companies and providers alike to protest SOPA and PIPA (2 heinous bills pending in the American Congress that would if enacted change the face of the world wide web as we know it today). Even though Deter and I live in the safety of Russia we are still affected by American policies. Though the United States is on the decline it still nevertheless wields a lot of power. It unfortunately sets the standard that many countries follow in lockstep. Fortunately there are still countries like Russia who put the brakes on American ambition.
(These opinions are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs and positions held by Deter.)

Now onto the good stuff!

We have here on this gay buffet of free gay porn 12 downloadable videos. I can't say that I have a favorite but I thoroughly liked them all:

Get That Shit Right! and Relentless Pounding are our two black gay porn videos with Get That Shit Right! being black on white and Relentless Pounding black on black! In Get That Shit Right! this brother from the hood has no patience with incompetence or inexperience so he manhandles this white boy the only way he knows how to!! Relentless Pounding is an amateur gay porn video with 2 black fellas going at it like rabid dogs!!! I wish the camera had been better placed but what can you do?!?!

3 Hot Boys Get Nasty! and boy do they ever! It's another hot gay threesome with two of these hunky trunks of spunk being serviced all over by the hunk a dunk cock!! He blows them, fucks them, even fucks them separately with dildos at the same time!!! H-O-T!!!!

If you're looking for two hot college aged guys then Hard College Fucking is your ticket to a sensational climax! They start things right off with a staircase glory hole blowjob and quickly move onto good wholesome hearty fucking!! I just love the position that bottom college cutie is in as he rides that hard cock like he's riding a bull!!! And he is hard as knock on wood the entire time!!!!

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We have here 14 gay downloadable porn videos for your delightful feasting! I don't know if this is intentional or just pure randomness but there does appear to be a pattern of two going on here!! There are 2 gay masturbation solos, 2 gay amateur porn clips, 2 hot gay threesomes, and 2 black on white fucks!!!

The two gay solos are Jack's Nightly Jack and Teen Beats It Then Eats It. Both are hot as hell but Teen Beats It Then Eats It definitely is a keeper as this boy beats it hard then cleans up by eating his own cum! Can it get any hotter than that?!

Three Gay Boys On Home Video and The Morning After . . .  are the two gay 3somes on this page. Both are very well made with Three Gay Boys On Home Video being more amateurish whereas The Morning After . . . is more professional.

Deter has given us two black gay porn videos here and has prominently displayed them in the center of the page so you don't accidentally over scan them! White Boy Gets Schooled By Hung Black Thug is a 1 on 1 gay fucking where this thug is incensed over this white boy's covert racist comment about 'you people.' Well he gets set in his place by a nice thick cut of black man stallion meat!! Drunk Frat Boy Raped By 2 Black Thugs is a 2 on 1 gay fucking with these horny as hell black boys taking advantage of a clearly inebriated white hunk who I don't think will be remembering any of his misfortunes any time soon!!!

Of course I have to say that Fuck Yeah! is my favorite free gay porn video on this gay buffet! To start off both of these lads are finer than fine china and are packing some serious heat! You can tell that they're genuinely into each other and it shows by how passionate and fierce they are with each other in kissing and blowing each other!! This of course pales in comparison to the actual fucking!!! I don't think I've ever heard a guy moan and groan in ecstasy from the sheer pleasure of it all!!!! Fuck Yeah!

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We have two virgins and both of them get fucked by two black guys (not to mention both downloadable gay porn videos are gay 3somes!)! One of them is so drunk that they kind of feel bad for taking advantage of such innocence but that doesn't stop them!! The other is so dumb he doesn't even know what he has coming to him!!! Robbing Robbie Of His Virginity is of course the drunk virgin!!!! These black boys put him in a shower first before stealing his virginity!!!!! In Jayden Gets His Cherry Popped! (which is HD by the way) Jayden thinks (well I'm not sure what he thinks as he comes totally unprepared!!) he's auditioning for a movie role when in fact he's already got the role but not the role he was auditioning for!!!!!! He gets set right in no time as he gives up his cherry (albeit hesitantly!!!) to these hoodlums!!!!!!!

The other gay 3some here is Plowing Some Hot Ass! which also is in 720p high definition. It's a scorcher as these hunky jocks fuck and suck in some acrobatic positions that make you wish you were that agile and flexible!! The two gay amateur porn vids on this page are New Year's Bang and Fucking Some Nice Ass!!! Both have a stationary camera angle that let you see all the hot gay action unimpeded and uninterrupted!!! Both 2 Shots In The Hole! and Deep Hard Drilling are raw bareback fucking with juicy creampies at the end!!!! Of the two 2 Shots In The Hole! is my favorite as this top is not only super aggressive but super horny as well as he pumps not one but two hot full creamy loads into this bitch boy's ass!!!!!

I didn't have a favorite gay porn video on this page as I liked them all but if I had to choose one I think the honor would go to College Dudes Playing With Each Other. Both of these cute college jocks are beautiful! They're what you call muscular studs---every inch of body worthy of worship!! It's just such a pleasure watching these hunks pleasure each other!!!

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Here is the latest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to, and boy it is PACKED like that hung cock on that muscle god jock! It simply blows my mind that the cutie wearing the Under Armour shirt is studying instead of posing with that trunk of a hunk!!

Well Deter certainly knows how to start the week off right! Usually these 14-16 downloadable video additions of free gay porn are reserved for Fridays since nothing (usually but never discount Deter surprising us [if you're unsure of how often to check back fore new additions just subscribe to his RSS feed and you'll never be in the dark again!]!) is published on the weekends, but once again unpredictably Deter has turned everything on its head with this 16 gay porn video addition on a Monday!! Hip!!! Hip!!!! Hooray!!!!!

In the upper and lower right corners of this page are each 3 hot gay downloadable porn videos belonging to Randy Blue and College Dudes respectively! Two of the Randy Blue videos are live cam shows with The Super Dapper Reese being a solo and Hot Live Cam Show being a duo. They're both over an hour long and really well done as the fans and members online make requests of these college studs!! If you ever considered becoming a member of Randy Blue, both Deter and I highly recommend them (they have a massive archive of over 1,270 videos and counting with new videos added every week). Their weekly live cam shows add an extra dimension and bang for the buck that many other gay porn sites just don't have. Their other video on this page is 3 Hunks Fuck (the one named Ryan is so fucking adorable!!)!!! Moving to the lower right corner are Gay Holiday Shots (a short Christmas group scene of uncircumcised guys filling their foreskins with egg nog and letting the others drink from there [a most inventive use if you ask me!!]!!!), Cocky Caden (a solo that left me wanting for more than just naught!!!!), and Straight Boys Fucking (a super charged duo sex video that definitely had me pumped up[if you know what I mean!!!]!!!!!)!!!!

And we're just getting started! In between these two corners (I just admire Deter's sense of placement and foresight in his designs with these pages!) are 3 hotter than tight bubble butts raw creampie videos!! The two on the outskirts are Multi-Angle Raw Fuck (and no there's nothing wrong with your screen---the video jumps from one aspect ratio to another[it's also gay amateur where this loaded top breeds his hungry bottom ass good and well!]) and Cum Inside My Hole! (ah the play on words is not lost on me!!). Inside that far right column situated smack in the middle is Gay DP Gangbang which is one of the better videos (despite the fact that the camera men were in plain sight like they weren't even trying to be conspicuous!!!) of its kind I've seen in quite some time!!! Guy after guy fucks this hunk raw leaving him in a pool of cum!!!! Early on in the video he's even fucked by two of them at the same time!!!!! Man I wish that was me!!!!!!

The other 7 gay porn videos are just as good but the 9 I highlighted are in my opinion the best. Of the other 7 I would have to say that Getting Head In My Car is my favorite one out of that group with Jocks Gone Wild! (again such wasted talent!) right behind.

Well there are over 7 HOURS here, so pace yourself!

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The first week of 2012 may be coming to a close, but this latest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to definitely kicks off this first weekend of 2012 into high gear!

If you thought the last two additions of free gay porn were loaded with gay threesomes, get ready for 6 of them here! Of course Deter couldn't resist including two raw double penetration fuck videos!! They are Hot Gay Amateur Double Penetration (which also happens to be gay amateur cam!) and Rock Hard Double Penetration Ass Busting Fucking (yes it's a mouthful but compares nothing to the two huge dicks stuffing this boy's ass with protein rich milk!!)!!! Of the two I definitely prefer Rock Hard Double Penetration Ass Busting Fucking which gives us some very juicy angles of that cock stuffed hole!!!! While I didn't care for the lame music playing in the background, I liked everything else about it. Hot Gay Amateur Double Penetration is good don't get me wrong but the single camera angle really limited my sight of view of all that gold digging!!!!! Then again, how often do you come across a dp gay amateur porn video like that?!?!?!

While those two gay double penetration porn clips steal the show let's not forget about the other 4 3somes (although technically Skater Orgie Gang Bang is a gay group orgy)! Skater Orgie Gang Bang has tons of hot horny young guys who don't speak a word of English and quite frankly never need to as long as they continue to fuck the way they fuck!! I don't know how the cameraman ever shot that as there is so much sucking, fucking, rimming, moaning, groaning, and gasping for air going on!?! IT'S HOT guys and dolls!!!! Tom & Jerry Do Dallas! and indeed do they do in poor Dallas!!!!! On second thought I wouldn't mind being Dallas and having two hot college jocks taking their turns fucking me while I suck on sweet semen laden heads!!!!!! If you like it a bit rough and black on white gay porn then Black Thugs Fuck White Pussy Boy Good & Hard! is just the thing you're looking for!!!!!!! These black thugs are down right ghetto nasty (they're as foul mouthed as they are hung!!) but are super horny for some tight ass and they only care for white boy pussy. Let the fucking begin!!!!!!!! Sizzling Sexy Three Way Action is all that and then some more!!!!!!!!!

For you redhead fans of Blu Kennedy (there's just something about carrot tops I tell you!) he returns to with Gay Action At A Gay Porn Shop! How appropriately fitting!! You go to a gay sex shop to get your goodies and while you're at it take care of some pressing business. Cum Pig Fucked Raw & Loaded gets his share worth of cum in this hot raw bareback fucking!!! I especially like it when the camera zooms in on his wet hole as it gets stretched out!!!! Hot College Mates Fucking Really Hard! cannot be missed out on!!!!! Just like Skater Orgie Gang Bang the fucking in Hot College Mates Fucking Really Hard! is spot on, not to mention some of those amazing voyeuristic like angles. I felt as if my face was right in it all!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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The free gay porn video that I like the best also happens to be displayed quite prominently! It's The Michigan Wolverines' Frat Hazing Party and my goodness is it good!! It's been a while since a gay frat hazing porn video has been on, but The Michigan Wolverines' Frat Hazing Party certainly makes up for such forlorn absence!!! It's in stunning 720p high definition, about a gigabyte in size, and just 10 minutes shy of a full hour in length!!!! God I can't tell you how happy I am that there's a new gay hazing video!!!!! In The Michigan Wolverines' Frat Hazing Party, these sexy wolverine boys from Michigan State University in America goof off with a game of beer pong before getting down to the business of hardcore fucking!!!!!! I love me some hot American college jock hunks!!!!!!!

Of course while The Michigan Wolverines' Frat Hazing Party steals the show, it's got 13 other hot gay porn vids in company. There's a gay threesome (The Bartender, which also happens to be in HD [hot guys never looked so FINE in hd!] with three adorable college hunks) and a gay foursome (Public Bath Sex that has 2 gay couples engaging in some hot steamy gay sex!!)! Usually Deter gives us a bareback fuck video, but this time he's given us 3!! My favorite one is Hot Wet Gay Creampie!!! As this boy unloads in his ass, you can see his hot sticky cum just gushing out of his hot wet hole as he continues to fuck him raw!!!! Cum Loaded Hole is a rather interesting ploy with the camera angle as they both cum simultaneously, the bottom riding hard exploding his man juice on his boyfriend's belly as he bursts deep inside him!!!!! It is HOT!!!!!! Bred By Hung Guy is quite similar but different point of view with the camera. Regardless all 3 gay breeding clips do not disappoint!!!!!!! Haven't had your fill of cum yet?!?!?!?! Well Boy Cum Gushers definitely deliver loads for you, if you get my drift!!!!!!!!! Yes Deter has not forgotten about you gay amateur porn aficionados. Striptease is super sexy as this cute lad gives us a nice show---I especially couldn't get enough of that smooth boy ass!!!!!!!!!! A Gay Date Night is very romantic with these real life lovebirds showing us the meaning of raw love. Wrapping up this eclectic gay buffet is Smoke On This! (that is ONE hung brother!!!) and yes what I wouldn't give to choke on that black fat cigar!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, this page of free gay porn will keep you busy for at least 5 hours!

Depending on your internet connection, you may have to hover your mouse over The Michigan Wolverines' Frat Hazing Party thumbnail for an additional 5-10 seconds to activate it as it is noticeably longer and larger than the rest.

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With his latest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to, Deter rings out 2011 for 2012! May this year be one of cheer and goodwill!!

We have 12 solid free gay porn videos here: 3 of them are gay amateur porn, 3 of them are gay threesomes with one of them having 4 bust-a-nut-on-my-face drop dead good looking college boys who look like they just graduated from high school, and the rest of the delicious entrees on this gay buffet are sexy duos!

The 3 gay 3somes are Shower Threesome (after showering together, another mate joins in on the wet fun!), Thugs Don't Fuck Around! (that's right!! they'd rather fuck then fuck around not getting any leaving them with blue balls!!!), and TV Circle Jerk (these 4 sexy high school grads talk about everything---from sports to sex---and of course they are super horny and it doesn't take much to get the juices flowing!!!)! While I like all three of these gay group sex porn videos, I have to say Thugs Don't Fuck Around! outshone them. I am first of all a huge fan of black gay porn!! Throw in two hot black stallions and a super hairy ass white punk who's never felt the huge girth and depth of a hung black cock, you've got the makings of a super sexy nut popping gay black porn video!!!

Of course amateur gay porn is a main staple here at, and Deter gives us 3 hot sultry home made porn videos! They are DL On The CL (the camera angle could have been better but you still see all the action!), Hot Gay Amateur Bareback (here the camera angle is perfect for the viewing as this young hung veteran fucks the shit out of his boyfriend!!), and Manhattan Chulo (apparently chulo is Mexican slang for someone who is cute, hot, good looking etc.)! Which one is my favorite?! Hot Gay Amateur Bareback!!! This is some of the finest homemade amateur porn I have ever seen!!!! Kudos to Deter!!!!! I will not be surprised if Hot Gay Amateur Bareback becomes as popular and successful as Sweet Sixteen (which Deter tells me is the #1 most downloaded gay porn video ever on!!!)!!!!!!

My favorite gay duo is College Boy's 1st Time Fucking! There's just something about a straight college boy fucking another hot guy for the very first time!! From that climaxing moment of anticipation with foreplay (and these college cuties do plenty of sucking and kissing!) to that ground zero breaking moment of finally sliding his super rock hard cock into the unknown territory of tight delight, piercing through the gate to the prostate, and sliding and riding while the sweet ecstasy of moaning and groaning fills the mind and soul with the impending climax of volcanic testosterone bursting through every pore and facet in sweat and expiration!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Page 57 Published!

Here is the newest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to! It sure is good having Deter back with us full time!!

If you haven't caught on by now, all 5 pages of downloadable free gay porn in this current section have gifs for each thumbnail! All you have to do is simply hover your mouse over a thumbnail and just wait 2-5 seconds and you'll see a quick animation previewing the video!! How cool is that?!? Unfortunately though Sections AA and AB do not have gifs but rest assured, Deter is working very diligently to bring the rest of up to date.

My favorite video by far on this page of ad free gay porn is Hard Popping Cherries! Yes it's true this white black cock virgin is a bit out of shape but who isn't these days with the holidays just behind us?! I don't know about you but I ate like a hog on holiday. The slight weight issue notwithstanding, Hard Popping Cherries is classic black gay porn!!! These black hung boys waste no time in popping this white boy's cherry!!!! One of them slams his head into his bulging crotch while the other rams his over sized black cock up the boy's white tight virgin ass!!!!! I don't think this white boy had any clue what he was in for!!!!!! I Like 'Em Black! has another slightly chubby white boy in it but this time it's the white boy who's doing all the fucking!!!!!!!

The video I like next the best is Passed Out Roommate Fucked. I don't know how real it is but it sure got me hard in no time at all! When I was in college I always thought about fucking some of my drunk passed out super hot college friends but never got the nerve to do it. In Passed Out Roommate Fucked that's exactly what happens!! When he wakes up out of his drunk stupor being fucked raw, things get rather interesting!!! The Gay Sex Master is a hot gay 3some that starts out with two guys at first but the master joins in later to teach these twinks a lesson or two about fucking!!!! For those of you cracking the books open for your impending finals, I feel your pain. So do these cute college dudes in Stress Relief who are so stressed out that the only thing to calm them is a nice hot fuck!!!!!

Both Cabin Boys Fucking and BB My Jock BF are very good as well. BB My Jock BF is amateur gay porn and as a result the camera placement isn't exactly optimal but still very good. Cabin Boys Fucking is also gay amateur porn but the camera is very fluid.

Deter and I warmly wish you a very happy new year and the best of success in 2012!

Deter will return on 01/02/12!!

P.S. We also welcome Kian & Max Zolfix to the blog! Thanks for joining!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Page 56 Published!

With this latest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to there are now over 250 GIGABYTES of FREE GAY PORN! Wrap your hands around that figure!!

The theme here clearly oozes fuck or be fucked galore! Obviously gay sex is the main course on this gay buffet of sorts but this page of downloadable free gay porn videos is particularly fuck centric!! You won't find any solos on this page!!!

All 12 downloadable gay porn videos have good old fucking in them! No wasting about I tell you!! Childhood Friends Fucking is rather sentimental in that this cute kid gets to fuck his school buddy he's had a crush on for years!!! Of course this school boy crush resists but after a little cajoling and some greenback convincing he bends over and takes his school mate's salivating cock (from the looks of it I think he rather enjoyed it!)!!!! Our two hotties in Park Pick-Up didn't need any encouragement whatsoever!!!!! They pick things up right where they left them last time (I know, why can't I be picked up like that after a grueling run?!)!!!!!! For fans of black gay porn, Malcolm In The Middle ups the ante by placing horny Malcolm right in the middle of two smoking hot white boys who take turns stuffing his dark chocolate hole with their vanilla sticks!!!!!! The other gay threesome here is Breeding Brad (raw bareback sex is really the way to go!!).

The only gay amateur porn video to be found on this page is Gay Amateur Home Fucking. Yes it may be short but fuck me these sexy hunks manage to pack a lot in such a brief space of time (and I do mean pack it in tight!!!)! If you fantasize about cops with their bulging battery rams, then check out Horny Cop Fucks His Boyfriend where this cop denies his boyfriend the due process of law!! What he doesn't deny him is a good pounding with that battery ram of his!!! Those of you who revere the military but love those sexy fit military lads even more, Doing IT In The Military is a hot one for sure!!! God I LOVE gay military porn!!!! The other video I enjoyed is Pals Fucking On The Patio. From the gasping moans and groans it's clear this hunky college boy hasn't taken in too many cocks in his lifetime!!!!!! Just the way I like them!!!!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Page 55 Published!

Christmas may be over, but Deter is at it again with this newest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to!

Yes let's take a moment to talk about this rather intriguing gay themed wallpaper of gay imagery! Deter tells me that he simply had no choice but to feature this image as a gay wallpaper. It took him a while to figure out the exact locations of the thumbnails but eventually settled on what we are presented with today. If anything, it looks like a typical desktop slightly overcrowded with the usual icons and apps.

Now onto the 15 free gay porn videos adorning that cutie who I wish was me swallowing that creamy warm load! In my opinion I like all the free downloadable videos here!! I don't really have a favorite as each one stands out for its own reasons!!!

Of course the more guys you have in a gay porn clip, the hotter it gets! I absolutely can never get enough of gay double penetration and 2 Dicks In 1 Hot Hole delivers and delivers big time!! Not only are there two big dicks in his hot tight hole, but they're fucking him bareback and both dump their massive loads deep inside his ass(both Amateur Gay Fucking and Barebacking A Buddy are gay bareback porn as well!)!!! This is gay dp breeding at its best!!!! Gay Fun In The Locker Room is a fantasy I always dreamed of when I was in college a few years back!!!!! A musky locker room, steamy communal shower, and hot sweaty guys supercharged on high testosterone on the verge of exploding at the slightest prick make the perfect combination for super hard hot fucking!!!!!! You get that and more with Gay Fun In The Locker Room!!!!!!! If you like your guy to be a bit sweaty and semi hard from the get go, then check out Hot Sweaty College Hunks!!!!!!!! After playing a round of racket ball, these sweaty hunks go to shower but fortunately for us they never make it that far. No. They're so horny they just fuck right there and then in all that hot funky man sweat!!!!!!!!! The other two gay threesomes rounding out this gay group sex section are Super Sexy Brothers (check out the super tight bubble buns on the one brother!) and Blue Mountains (these three hunks still have a ton of energy left over from mountain hiking so they climb over each other and do some exploration of their own!!)!!!!!!!!!!

Returning to are Guys Gone Wild in Guy Gone Crazy Wild! I do wish that these guys (and they are hot! hot!! hot!!!) would do more than just flash themselves or masturbate. Why can't they ever kiss each other?! They certainly have the lips for it!! Is it too much to ask them to stroke off their sizzling buds' bods?!? The girls from the Girls Gone Wild series really do get wild and do quite a lot with each other. Guy Gone Crazy Wild is very good but it could be so much hotter if these guys would just have fun!!! If they need any guidance, just check out Jack Solo!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Page 54 Published!

With his Santa Clause hat tightly hugging his head, Deter bestows upon you this merry season with this newest addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to!

The first three videos of free gay porn are in my opinion the best on this page! Super Hot Gay Foursome is super hot indeed!! 4 hot guys doing what 4 hot guys do is a gay fantasy come true!!! If Aggressive Gay Sex is your thing and you like your top to be forceful but playful, then Aggressive Gay Sex is your ticket!!!! If on the other hand being Used, Abused & Overused! is your preference then you'll definitely want to watch this cute boy get load after load pumped up his ass!!!!! Deep Filled Cum Drenched Hole and A Boy's Bareback Fantasies are both very hot gay barebacking porn videos that show how when a dick and ass are properly utilized the amazing gay pleasures that can be achieved!!!!!!

The other two downloadable gay porn videos I liked are Black On Blonde (this hung black stallion expands this white boy's tight ass into a gaping hole with his fingers before fucking him with his massive black sausage!) and Gay Swimmer Fan Porn (I know there really isn't a whole lot of swimmer gay porn around but you can now add this one to your collection!!)! Of course for you gay amateur porn lovers there are 3 videos just for you, and they have been conveniently been placed together in the second column!! They are Adam 4 Adam, Young, Hung & As Cute As They Come, and Vinny & I. All three are good for their own reasons!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Page 53 Published!

Just in time for the holidays, Deter has at long last returned with this most bombastic HOT addition of ad free high quality downloadable free gay porn to!

Deter had planned to launch the members' section with this addition of free gay porn but due to technical glitches with coding he has for the time being postponed the members' section. He didn't think it fair making you all wait past December 20 to have the members' section up and running, so he will make what consists of it thus far available to you all for free! As has been promised, this page of downloadable gay porn is the first to have gifs!! Simply roll your mouse over the thumbnail of your choice and it will animate!!! You may depending on your internet connection have to wait a few seconds for the gifs to load but they do work, and they really add a whole new immersive dimension to!!!! Of course should you run into difficulties, please do not hesitate to email either Deter or me for technical assistance. We are here for you always!!!!!

Now onto this fresh crop of free gay porn!

In a word, this page of gay porn is hot! It may be frightfully cold outside, but you'll quickly warm yourself up on this page!!

Deter starts us off with an entire movie over 80 minutes long with That Gay 70s Movie (this also happens to be the first time ever a Randy Blue video has appeared on!)! It has everything you could possibly want!! It has a storyline, lots of drop dead hot guys, plenty of ass shots, and of course tons of hot gay fucking!!! And it gets even better!!!! Francois Sagat makes his first ever debut on!!!!! This French boy sure does know how to handle his loaf!!!!!!

Accompanying this massive gay buffet are 3 hot gay amateur porn clips! In The Stiff Sergeant this military lad quickly loses his fatigues and shows us how to come to attention!! Hot Jerk is rather aptly named as the boy is definitely hot and so are his jerking skills!!! Hotter yet is Tied Up, Blindfolded, & Fucked!!!! Not only is this guy tied up, he's also blindfolded!!!!! And he gets abused like a cum pig like there's no tomorrow!!!!!! All 3 amateur gay porn videos are sizzling with cum delight!!!!!!!

The other free gay porn videos I like are Fucked Black Bareback (for fans of black gay porn this one is for you as this hot black stallion fucks this cute white twink with his massive black rod!), Hot College Dudes Fucking (how could you possibly go wrong with two hot college dudes fucking?! You can't!!), Bareback Cum Boys (for those of you who can't get enough of raw breeding gay porn, you'll definitely want to see how this video ends!!!), and of course (I'm such a sucker for these!!!!) Gay Russian Lads Fucking (2 hot Russians fucking!! fucking!! fucking!!)!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AB Stats

As of 12/14/11 there are a total of 52 pages with 701 videos, 251 hours, and 232 gigabytes of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn available 24/7 on

Deter has informed me that he will be returning on December 20 with brand new free gay porn just in time for the holidays!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inceptually Illustrative, Framed Within Frames Of Gay Imagery

Of all the questions and comments we receive regarding, one of the most asked is, "What's up with the picture on the entrance page?" Good question!! Let us resolve this aching mystery for you once and for all!!!
The image that greets visitors seeking a safe sanctuary for free gay porn on is in fact a mosaic, which consists of slightly over 10,000 different gay pornographic images assembled together to produce a single image:
Neat feat, isn't it?!?!
Deter had planned to use this gay mosaic on the entrance page in its full resolution but quickly realized that requiring visitors to download an 80 plus megabyte sized image was simply not feasible, so he was forced to downscale it by 90%.
For the first time ever,  you can own this amazing gay wallpaper for yourself!!!! You can save it directly to your computer by right clicking on it right here (it has though been downscaled by 50%) or left clicking on it which will take you to the image itself for downloading!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Best Free Gay Porn On The Net Just Got Better!

As part of Deter's overhaul of, several pages will be receiving much needed upgrades! The Home Page is apparently the first to receive such first class renovations!! Compared to the original, this new Home Page is slick, sexy, and super hot!!!
To view a larger snapshot of a gay themed wallpaper on the Home Page, simply right click on to select to view the image. If you would rather just go to the page itself, simply left click it. From this Home Page you now have access to all 52 pages of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn!!!!

I will keep you guys and dolls posted as Deter keeps me abreast!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Page 52 Published! (Part 2)

This is the final addition of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn to for Section AB, and a very fitting grand finale at that! Deter makes history with this page as there are 20 free gay porn videos!! Talk about a climax!!!

Joining this eclectic gay buffet of downloadable gay porn are 8 videos:

Give It To Me! Yes let's say that again!! This college beauty tops in positions I didn't think possible!!!

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a Marines' Locker Room?! Well here is your chance to find out!! It's over an hour long and one of the better gay spy cams I've seen in a while!!! There's real diversity here as well as several different angles!!!! The video quality could be better but is hardly a deal breaker. This is gay military porn at its best!!!!!

Better Gay Sex is a very nice instructional video on gay sex 101! Consider it Gay Sex for Dummies on Video!! It's slightly under an hour but I myself was quite surprised to learn so much from watching it!!! At certain points though the audio slightly loses sync with the video but again is still watchable.

I'm So Horny! Yes who isn't?! But this straight boy is so horny that he lets his roommate blow him. Of course that doesn't satisfy him so he dry humps him but quickly discovers that there is no substitute for a nice wet warm hole!!!

Erik, Dick & Nick is rather a deceptive title as there are only 2 guys in this gay duo fuck. There is however a nice dildo involved that gets this boy's hole prepped to take in an even larger hard cock! I really enjoyed this one.

I enjoyed even more Hot Gay Homemade Movie which superseded my expectations! It's a true gay amateur porn clip with 3 smoking hot studs!! The one holds the camera as the other two hung lads get the party started!!! It was a half hour well spent!!!!

Breeding A Mexican Boy is another amateur gay porn clip with this black guy fucking this latino twink with his massive black cock! When he busts his load inside his tight ass he busts his load!! Of course the latino bottom does a good job of fingering himself with that big load inside him!!!

Oh Man! That's right!! These gay studly men waste no time and jump right into kissing then blowing then hard fucking. They use everything they've got including their fingers. In fact so frugal they are that the hot hunk topping wipes the cum off of his torso and shoves his cum splattered fingers in the guy's mouth!!! Very hot!!!!



Thursday, December 1, 2011

Page 52 Published! (Part 1)

For this latest addition of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn to, Deter has decided to release it in two parts! This being the finale of Section AB it couldn't be more fitting!! Part 2 will be released on 12/02/11!!!

Now before we start reminiscing of pages of free gay porn committed to the annals of history lore, let us take a look at this most impressive offering of free downloadable gay porn! As with Pages 36 & 40, add this one to the growing list of gay hits as I like every video on this page!! It really shows Deter's deep passion for gay porn with this page!!! He is to be commended!!!!

There are two super charged highly erotic gay frat hazing videos! Pledge Haze Night is more or less a video journal of the pledges' trials and tribulations of getting into the fraternity. These fraternities must be the shit to warrant such humiliation as the price of entrance!! It's Good To Be A Brother! is another very well made gay hazing vid that takes place in the dormitories on campus. These brothers (if I were one I would probably be just as cruel!) have their pledges running around the halls doing all sorts of sordid things to them and themselves!!! Both of these gay frat porn clips are hot as fuck!!!! Speaking of sizzling scorching heat, Guys Gone Wild makes its return with Guys Gone Buck Wild. This episode appears to have been filmed in Cancun on spring break. What makes me so mad is how these hot college hunks (and they are HOT!!) are wasting their big talents (yes pun intended!!!) by being straight. Oh well. If you can't have them then Guys Gone Buck Wild is the next best thing!!!!!

The really big winners for me on this page of downloadable gay porn are the amateur gay porn videos! There are 5 of them here and I highly recommend all 5!!
Have you ever wondered about what exactly a fleshlight is? Well Deter has two hot gay solos with them!!! In essence, a fleshlight looks like a flashlight on the outside but has a synthetic feeling "pussy" or "ass" or "mouth" on the inside. Up Close Fleshlight gives us an unprecedented closeup inside the fleshlight while this guy is fucking it nice and hard!!!! He even cums inside it!!!!! Steve's Fleshlight Sleeve shows us the actual sleeve that goes inside the fleshlight casing. I don't know how he endured the pain of getting his cock pierced, but this boy sure does know how to pleasure himself (not to mention he must have some huge sacks for busting those loads!)!!!!!!
Then there are two homemade gay masturbation clips. For you uncut cocks fans British Lad Wanking is just for you. This bonnie pretty lad certainly won't be winning any awards for edging!!!!!!! Super Horny At Night is exactly what I am before I go to bed. I don't know why but I just am. It looks like I'm not alone!!!!!!!!
A finale wouldn't be a finale without some horny geek Sucking Straight College Cock!!!!!!!!!

Of course all those videos are just appetizers on this gay buffet of gay porn! I do not have enough superlatives to say about Hot Gay Latino Bukkake!! Let's just say I blew my wad within 3 minutes of watching this video!!! It is HOT HOT HOT!!!! I'm usually not into bdsm but Wild Gay BDSM Fucking had me blowing another load right after I came to Hot Gay Latino Bukkake!!!!! I don't know what Deter is trying to do but he is drying me up like a celibate nun!!!!!! Rounding off this testosterone laden pack is Sparkling Russians (these Russian boys most definitely have sparkling personalities! and their dicks?! yes they sparkle just as brightly!!) and Gay Hunks Fucking Hard (2 more cute Russian college studs making out!!!).

I seriously warn you all to pace yourself with this latest addition of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn to!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Page 51 Published!

Here is the latest addition of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn to!

Deter starts us off with I'm A Black Cock Virgin and this boy is as a virgin as they get! I love how he reacts to everything!! From gagging on these black boys' big cocks to screaming from their huge black monsters piercing his super tight white virgin ass, this white bitch boy will not soon forget this hung fucking of a lifetime!!!

Speaking of hung cocks, there are two free gay porn vids in particular that sent me into quite the frenzy! A Hot Drunk Fuck! is most definitely hot to say the least!! Russian boys are known for two things: vodka and huge cocks. When you put both of them together, you get A Hot Drunk Fuck! This boy is so horny that his cock stays super hard while bouncing up and down like a yo-yo on his mate's equally as impressive hung dick!!! Talk about a super prostate massage!!!! In 2 Pretty College Twinks Fucking we have another horny college twink who just can't get enough of massive man meat!!!! Not to mention this college hunk has a trunk worthy of envy!!!!! Hard Hot Protein Injection is well a very hot injection of some very hearty hung cock. When regular protein supplements just don't do the trick for you, then just grab yourself a hanging hung protein filled banana and just go to town with it!!!!!! That's exactly what these hot muscle studs just do!!!!!!!

Now who isn't into muscle cars, especially mustangs! Have you ever fantasized about pulling into your garage in one and just fucking your boyfriend nuts right inside?! Well you get just that in Hot Gay Fucking Inside Mustang!! They blow each other then fuck in that tight space (I think it just adds another dimension when you throw in claustrophobia into the mix!) before getting out to finish their pressing business!!! I won't tell you where they bust their huge hot loads but it's HOT!!!!

The other two free downloadable gay porn clips I like are The Gay Porn King and Road To Brotherhood! Both are amateur gay porn with Road To Brotherhood being a gay college hazing initiation frat sex party made by the brothers themselves and The Gay Porn King being made in a hotel room but the tattooed top certainly earns his title!!

If you guys and dolls are wondering who that hottie in handcuffs is adorning the gay wallpaper on this page, it's Nick Hawk from the hugely popular American premium channel Showtime's Gigolos. I know I myself cannot get enough of this amazing show! The gigolos are super hot as well as super hung!! I don't care for the skunky skanks they fuck but these gay gigolos sure do know how to drill!!! I think one thing that would spice up the show is if they would have sex with not just exclusively women but men as well. I just hate to see such big talents go to waste!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Page 50 Published!

With this latest addition of ad free high quality free downloadable gay porn to, there are now 50 PAGES of free downloadable gay porn!

Deter has packed this page of free gay porn with some super hot videos!

Our two favorite gay marines return with another awesome gay cam show in 2 Marines With Their Webcam! We first saw then in 2 Marines On A Webcam and subsequently in 2 Marines On Their Webcam. These hot hunky marines have become a sensational hit here on, and it's no surprise why!! There's also Gay Amateur Cam  Sex, a very good pov amateur gay porn clip!!! The camera is held by the bottom as he gets serviced all over!!!! The angle is just perfect as he pounds away his boyfriend!!!! Rounding out our free gay amateur porn are Head Out In Public! (where these two coat laden guys play with each other in a restroom with other people around!) and Bare Fuck Boys (a very nice amateur gay fucking between just gorgeous boys!!)!!!!!

The 50th page would not be complete without a few gay threesomes, and Deter doesn't disappoint! In 2 Holes For 2 Cocks you have 4 horny hunks by a swimming pool cooling off. Although from the looks of it, I don't know how long they'll be staying cool as the dick friction from all that action heats up in no time!! The Happy Gay Trio is indeed a happy one!!! Who can blame them?! They're all very good looking who know how to use their tools very well!!!! Sometimes it takes a pro to get into super tight spaces!!!!! I'm quite certain you can surmise the goings on At The Gay Night Club!!!!!! I've been to quite a few gay sex clubs but I wouldn't mind frequenting this one. And of course Page 50 would not be Page 50 without a gay college hazing party!!!!!!! We get all that and then some with Haze Him! These cute college boys are most definitely straight but their closeted pledge masters will live out their erotic gay fantasies through them one way or another!!!!!!!!

For those of you who can't get enough of feet, then Fancy Foot Fucking is a must watch! This is my very first time watching a guy foot fucking. I will admit foot fetishes don't usually turn me on but this video had my dragon flying out in record time!! Even if you don't have a foot fetish, I highly recommend Fancy Foot Fucking!!! The other video I liked a lot is Russian Boys Can Fuck! and yes Russian boys can fuck!!!!